The silly girl

They keep laughing. Sometimes they even call me just so they can laugh. I guess I can’t complain since it is how I have such a huge circle of people around me.
Today was different though. I woke up having this perfect day. Unfortunately I had this moment when I did not utter a funny statement yet everyone was sprawled on the ground laughing to death.
Common folk would find me weird for dwelling on that moment. I mean it was just a misplaced laugh but to me it was more than just an uproar of laughter. It felt deeper realer like something that had a strongly rooted basis.
True enough my dearest diary you know I dont like to over think stuff but this once required it. I dug through my emotions well and of course googled some stuff  actually most stuff then it was there. Out in the open so clear
My friends must think im so dumb. Maybe they say it once in a while as a joke “damn haha you stupid…that joke though” Mark actually calls me his dumb princess. So they prolly just think im an empty head that’s why being hilarious is so simple.
Well if I could make a wish right now is that I stop feeling laughed at when I speak that maybe we could share the joke or once in a while take me seriously…Do you take me seriously? Like honestly. ? I’m being serious right now Diary….Can you tell? Or does it seem like im just about to hit the punchline.
I’m actually serious like the letter C. My humour shouldn’t be a curse right? It’s meant to be that secret weapon that gets me that fine boy –yes that one finer than China. It’s supposed to make my friends smile when their day has twenty-five hours or an 8 day week right?
Not this…. not make me scared of speaking cause im starting to doubt my intellectual capacity.  Maybe it’s not all that high but it gets me what I want most of the time don’t it?
So for tonight I’ll just go to bed n ill tell myself that Einstein must have had that special friend who wasnt all that brainy but kept him smiling through those 1000 lightless bulbs okay I ain’t so sure who is that electricity guy but the point come through right..

legitimately jerrykariuki

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