Miss Independent

I actually ordered him to get me those papers. I mean I cant keep being nice and letting people take their time  because I’m scared of being called a mean boss. Simple fact is I didn’t get here by cutting myself some slack.
Just cause im successful, I get to my meetings early leave work late it doesn’t mean I don’t have a life. I do actually right diary I have a life don’t I?  I mean other than the fact that you’re my best friend yet you are not human. I go out n have fun a lot n I have mt group of friends. We rarely  meet eye to eye but well I guess the world has to adjust itself to my 26hour day schedule.
My story is simple I don’t want to be mediocre im 23 years now (oh God my birthday is soon gotta plan) this is my peak moment to rise above all form of doubt right? Or what do you think bff?
I can make all my choices now be the best and later when I’m ready for a man I’ll get into a relationship when I can bring more than just my pretty face to the table.
So today I dont feel guilty about being the employee of the month for 12month every year and now being employer of the century (I gave myself that title) I’m proud of myself that evrn as I boss around my young intern he can see that it’s all for the best. I just want him to be great one day get out of his comfort zone.
I realised today that there are millionaires who are under twenty and its because they pushed themselves harder at whatever it is they had. In all those fields Socialites, models, journalist, scientists,artists etc. Its always that extra hour in the lab…. that less meal at lunch…..the one more event for that social bird……..
Nobody ever remembers how much slack your highschool teacher cut you off they remember the extra tution. I remember the extra lessons the late nights missed parties and the extra work. That is what got me here and diary its the reason why im a role model to someone somewhere.so if I die I know atleast I lived a worthy life.


legitimately jerrykariuki

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