I’m all in

Quite frankly if he knew how much I liked him….well too bad he aint psychic. So he reads me like his favourite novel studys me like his favourite fictional character.

      when I think of him three words come to my mind. Three words that mean everything to me. “I WANT YOU…
     I want the laughter I want the random squeak when I touch your neck.The deffensiveness when I call you ticklish . I want the success and the achievements those breakfasts in bed and late movie nights. The adrenaline while youre in the gym lifting weights.I want you to be the person sitting next to me at the sunday service. I want your perfect body;including that scar on your finger. I want your concerned look sealed by your masculinity.  The feeling of freedom when you carry me like I’m weightless. That loud laugh when I make a joke. I want you to toy with my hair.I want  the pet names and the inside jokes.
    I want the butterflies when my phone rings and  it’s you. The confusion when I bump into you. How no dress seems perfect when I want to meet you.How anxious I get when after I say yes to a date yet when we meet I feel like it’s where I am meant to be. I want the overwhelming emotions.Those emotions that lead me into a confusion of fiction and reality.
      At the same time I want the tears and I want the fights .I want the yelling and I want the cries. The jealousy when I see you with all those other girls .The late nights waiting for you. The cold ones when you don’t come and I have to lay on your side of the bed. I want the morning breath and the embarrassing accidents like when you fall. The lost Xbox games that leave you grumpy. The sarcasm and the failures. I want the bad hair days when we both look our worst. The family gatherings that go bad.The distraction while trying to work.I want a love that consumes me.
…..Thats what I mean when I say I want you. Its either I’m all in or I’m not there at all


legitimately jerrykariuki


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Georgina Giathi says:

    precise brevity
    accurate witty
    u can express what a heart can crenate while trying to…
    yo speaking to more than just visions or memories…
    Well well done Jerry.


    1. Thanks girl……I’m clad you are touched


  2. Ng'ash says:

    Wow, yo extremely talented, love the piece.
    Every word of it sounds perfect


    1. Thanks alot….I appreciate your feedback


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