Synchronised Letters

    That moment when you slowly drift. Slowly peeling yourself from the world and moving to another place. That’s what doing what you love does or being with someone who means the world to you.
   I know I look like just a normal girl seated at a corner of the restaurant with my milkshake halfway drunk. Probably in this crowd nobody would notice that I’m not really here. That im not sure if outside its rainy or
   Its a reflex  I can’t help it.Half of the time I’m always lost in thought but its when I feel most found. It is a beautiful feeling when ideas just get to me  and I close my eyes and I can smell the different air , I can feel the touches of a million people, sence the emotions of a society and I feel connected. So connected to another world that I  simply forget where I really am.
     With just words I feel most liberated  inspired,consoled,supported and other emotions im not sure how to describe. This is what magic feels like. When I can let go drop all my guard show all my feelings all the love the fear the confusion the rebellion the remorse the ecstasy insecurities and be at peace.
    This is probably what inspired picasso to do just one more painting when done with one. The urge to go back to that place where finally people can see the world through your eyes. Where your opinion matters alot. Thats why I can’t and wouldn’t ever stop with my writing.
     Because through it I finally found my place in society.Found purpose for my life. I got to know who I am. Words saved my life and showed me the love of my life. I owe my life to this art this complex art that not so many people understand  but the few who recognise it often discover treasures hidden in just synchronised alphabet and symbols.
◆girl 9◆

legitimately jerrykariuki

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