The sorrowful giver.

What is the one thing you can give without having it. Some would claim love but that’s not true. I’ve seen it happen no way in hell can you love if you don’t have love in your soul. Like it just never works cause love has to come from within you need to have that piece of treasure so as to extend it to others.
     Happiness though can be tricky. Its that one gift you can bestow upon others yet not have the slightest idea of what it feels like.  I’ve heard of comedians who die of depression yet make millions come out of their sorrow.
     Coming closer to home. I’ve been on that position a tard too much. That girl that apparently lights up a room the soul to the party. The person who all my friends come to during hard times cause they know you make it all better. Yet, I had no idea what better felt like. Sometimes I questioned myself. Wondered what it is they saw in me that I couldn’t see. I mean, I thought of myself as a pretty sad story.  Maybe in the process of giving them that life I drained my suply. But that couldn’t be true cause you can’t drain what was never there.
     oh well people want to leave a mark on this earth well I know for sure we all can’t sing or dance or make art that can change lives. I am convinced that some people in this world were given the talent of spreading happiness. Being able to help people even though honestly they need more help. Being able to put others first. The kind of talent where you can go sleep soundly because you feel achieved. The achievement well you remember helping a two year old baby calm down from a tantrum.
        So I’ll say not true…you can give what you don’t have. You can give happiness and be the saddest human on earth. I just cross my fingers that when you find someone that just brings light to a room someone can figure out a way to make that light reflect back into the giver.
      That as you enjoy a soul that brightens your soul you do your best to make sure its not a sorrowful giver that Just gives not having any yet not expecting any. But if they are , find a way to hive a bit of what is given to you so that the number of suicide can reduce. I think I tire of hearing people say how someone always had a smile on during a post suicidal death.

* in memory of all suicidal cases that sacrificed they joy unwillingly. It can takes just one how are you? To save a life.

legitimately by jerrryKariuki


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