Vision Impairment.

“Run,feel the wind in your lungs
Run,feel the dust in your feet…”
   The words of a song put my life into perspective. I must say for the longest time i had a pretty clear vision of my life  and its purpose. I had some form of drive because i had seen what lies at the end of the horizon. I had seen the Lepracon and pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I knew  exactly where I was going.
Then….it happened. A tragedy of life. A series of accidents so fatal they left me for dead. For what felt like months I lay on that operating table as different attending surgeons tried to fix me. Fix a face that had be scarred so much and burnt by shame. Fix a heart so broken that it had missing pieces. A back so weak and fragile it couldn’t stand on its own. A personality so torn by mistakes. They worked for ages fixing an attitude corrupted by unnecessary compromise. They did everything and left the table hoping the girl would rise – I would rise.
        I did get up and seemed perfect so the nurses released me. They said I’d survive. They released me on a clean medical report but they missed one key thing. Although my eyes were open and i could blink I was blind. Blind to the vision that had once kept me moving. So here was a girl. An improved human being with so much to offer but no idea how to access it.
I was trapped in past failures, past mistakes, past nightmares haunting memoirs of a wasted life. Then I heard those words. Simple yet so strong.
       The words were like adrenaline. They were like a shockwave that jump-starts a car. I had found a solution. A remedy for my vision impairment. I had to start moving. Take a step and keep moving. Seeking diligently till I found. I needed to give so much that i had nothing more to give. I had to run so fast that just when I’d think i can’t run anymore I’d be granted wings to soar to the greatness i was meant to have.
“…because he will give you wings
To soar into the sky
Spread them wide”
*song mentioned: Run by VERESO .



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