The vow

The air was a bit too cold for her struggling lungs. She tired through the grass wishing she could have felt the morning dew bit her boots were a tard too high. In her hand was a small box what was in it was a secret she was not about to reveal just yet. She seemed motivated she wasn’t smiling but she had a calm face -a beautiful calm face. Finally she reached to where he was and she popped open the tiny box. It was a beautiful diamond and Topaz ring .She  was about to propose to him.She spoke
   ” I remember the moment when i first saw you and the moment when i  you see me, the first time we looked each other and the first time we saw each other.  I remember your first words a cheesy pick up line which i  treasure too much I’ll keep it a secret for our grandkids. I remember the first time we talked , i remember our first similarity.  I. cant remember the first time you called or how i got to know your second name or the name of your rugby ball. I also cant remember our first date mainly cause i cant draw the line of when we started falling inlove. I guess this are the parts people call “the rest was history”
     Yet i remember the first time you said you loved me and the first time i saw you loved me. Unfortunately i you said those words a fortnight too soon. But two weeks later you looked at me and i saw  your heart i saw a soul that was all in. That was truly mine. I also remember our first argument and the first fight we said it would be the last time but we’ve had  a couple more.
     I would never forget the day i knew you wanted to marry me. You didn’t even realise it but on that night I felt it when you touched me. A month later you also realised that and you got on one knee.  I remember saying yes and feeling so sure.
     Flash forward to when i told you i was pregnant and you corrected me saying it is we and not I.  I remember that you honoured that pronoun you’ve been a father I would be jealous of.
   I remember the doctor saying you wouldn’t be Okay and i remember you fighting for your passion. I can almost refill the moment when you were cleared to play again how a weight had been lifted. Because the sport was you and you the sport.
      Guilt is in my heart now because I also remember making a promise i thought i could keep. I said till death due us part but now as i  look at them put you under.  Forty years down the line. I know i can’t do that. Because I cant forget how you changed my life when i was just a blind twenty year old crushing on  a young visionary man. I cant keep that part of the vow because this love i feel is way beyond death.”
      Having read that she got one knee supporting her sixty years of life with the tomb stone where her better half was. He had been dead for an year now but he lived in her.
    “I know you say this is a man’s role  but since you cant do it i will.I remember when we became one so i carry your soul in me without which i cannot be. Love will you be mine not until death but until the end of time?”



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