De ja vu

It had taken a bit too long. Just above for years down the same road. The road with the same speed numb after one kilometre with that huge pot hole right next to the river bridge.. I have been on this same road for too long.  Nothing ever changes. No body comes to fix the rough patches and the perfect tarmac never seems to wear from the undeserving friction it gets.
    Everyday down the same path year in year out. It starts of with a slow paced jog then i trip over a skateboard which makes me cautious so I walk slowly enjoying the view. Well it doesnt take long before i want more i want the trees to move faster i want to feel the wind hit me a bit stronger. I want something new so I start a sprint running so fast that i cant realise the oxygen debt slowly kicking in. The adrenaline is exciting and I want more.
      Its hard to explain it but i find a car. He’s been put there by a nice man the car seems familiar probably a friend of mine. Its always packed right outside my favourite food joint and although its hunger i really have i wanna get back on the road. I know the road leads to nowhere but i still have to get on it. So I hop in taking the back left seat and we move along finally getting all the rush i need. Adrenaline is working and i finally give into its demands slowly  moving to the front seat.
     They call it a fallacy but i see its relevance so deeply. The sloppy slide fallacy I  cannot control myself having a front seat to everything. I can see the pothole ahead and all i think of is how it will affect me how it will bring excitement. I have been here before i know its too deep. The car will get a puncture but i don’t care. We hit it and a few more and before i know it I take charge I’m driving. I’m moving at the speed of light my heart is at peace this is where i belong. In this car at this pace with this human. Perfection is achieved.
   As I said I’ve been on this road before and the darkest hour always comes up at noon. Right when its all bright and sunny. I look to my co driver and the seat is empty. The door is open. I was too busy enjoying our drive to notice it had slowly become my drive. I was all alone and in all that commotion I never remember that sharp corner. I always dive right into it hitting the jacaranda tree right in the middle and I’m thrown off the car. I can feel my body slowly go numb as the agonising pain fades away. I know I’m in a pool of my own blood from the acrid salt- like smell misting the air. A leaf lands on my face and reminds me that I’m crying and at this point i usually close my eyes and wake up to the beginning of the sane road. But not today. Today is different something has changed….
#G.I.R.L. 19



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