It had been a few months but she felt like it was years. First time they met, there was too much of a crowd for her to notice him. Unfortunately, she was often too distracted to pay attention while in crowds.  She went back to that day trying to re collect any data. Nothing…wait…he maybe laughed at a joke or two that she made. She wasn’t sure if he had said pleasure to meet her when the day was done. She hadn’t been paying attention.
   There she was a couple of months down the line. Glaring at her reflection in a full length mirror. She was scared. She knew she was falling for him  or maybe she had already fallen. A bit of anger crossed through her face as she recited her slogan -Don’t get attached ever. A slogan she had ran to as a fortress after having her heart ripped apart and pages of her soul tainted
with ashes.
    Every single part of her image reminded her of him. He had walked into her life and left pieces of him in every memory she had. She looked at her foot and remembered how he always complained of how he hated when someone stepped on him.  He compared it to being threatened. She saw the tiny scratch on her shoulder and her mind drifted to the time he found her too wasted . She cut herself with her ring when he tried taking her home and she was resisting.
    As she stood before that mirror she could picture him standing right behind her and she remembered how he hugged her tight- he probably wanted her to dive into his scent… Lost in thoughts, she saw her legs ,she remembered the first time he saw her in a dress. It was the first time he ever told her she looked good. How could one person invade her life so effortlessly.
    Their connection happened so fast. She had seen all she ever wanted from a human in his eyes. So much intrigue as his aura was dark. This was because all the colours in him were so strong that their concentration created a darkness. His soul was deep. This was why every word he whispered to her always sounded way more suggestive than it should have.
   Her hands were filled with testimonies of his affection. How he held her hand in public. No man had ever done than. He would trophy her to his friends with so much pride that she felt important. He touched her hand when she was too quiet or when she got too hyper. Her fingers trembled at the thought of his skin. He was more sensitive than he would ever admit. She liked to toy with his hair. Her hands craved for the day they could touch his beard -more of a mane. This was a plea her body sought. To get to a point of intimacy with him that no poet has found words to describe.
     By now she was all dressed up and putting on her make-up. She wished her lips could have a story to tell but so far all they had were fantasies of how their first kiss would be. Finally she was at the scary part. HER EYES.
He constantly tried to look into her eyes. Sometimes it was while flirting or merely to get her uncomfortable , other times it felt like he wanted to see her. To see her essence. She often looked away or did some dumb move – closing her eyes. He would ,of course ask her why but she could say anything but the truth. The truth was she couldn’t let him look into her eyes.She could tell he was the one who could translate the language her soul spoke. This frightened her as she had no idea what her soul would say. It would probably let him know of her dark past or of her overwhelming emotions. Maybe it would make him know it yearned for him. Because in its search for completion it had landed on him. Her soul would probably tell him how she was scared that loving him would be her doom because their affection seemed fatal. She was scared of him knowing that she didn’t think she was good enough for him. She was even more scared to let him know she thought he deserved better than the girls he was chasing after.
    The truth was clear, she had loved before but it had never consumed her as much as her attraction to him. He was her soulmate. A concept she didn’t believe in until she had an encounter with his soul.

GiRl 22


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