Scoliosis Warrior.

I get a little more intimate and personal with you today. I shall tell you a bit about myself.Maybe introduce you to a part of my life that has made me who I am . I am a Scolie. It is basically a term used to represent someone with scoliosis. A spine condition which if I go into detail on here I will digress  on my point. (For questions DM @scoliosis_Kenya or a doctor)

In all this six years of living with scoliosis. It has been a theory to me. Even after undergoing an eleven hour surgery it was still a bit fictious to me. Then it happened at my crack of dawn ( basically 10a.m) I received an email. I didn’t even know how much it would impact me when I lazily tapped it open.

My little world of fiction was suddenly a reality. I felt something deep inside me move. My essence would never be the same. I saw the X rays of my back for the first time. This were the first ones taken way back in 2010 when I had just been diagnosed. Seeing them made it all…real.

To be honest a part of me is scared. That indeed it has been that serious all along. Scared to discover that I was living a fictious existence. I  never really thought of what I looked like inside. How my skeleton was. Truthfully it is a metaphor of my life. All those extra curves symbolising a bunch of mistakes. The curves made by my body to correct the first flaw. Then comes the screws and rods all in attempt to fix the mess. With all that, I am still not straight.That thought puts chills in my soul. Well two rights  don’t clear out a wrong.

The other part of me feels more alive than ever. I feel strong and liberated. I know that I am not truly fixed but have a story to tell. I am bent but not broken. That gives me the hope of strength. Because now I know that there is always a solution for those who take on life in courage. Seeing the X rays made it real. They made me discover something about the fictious Heroine I had made up.That great warrior is me. The realisation that I do not need some decorated protagonist to save my day has been life changing.

All this years I was alive waiting for someone to come rescue me. The person never cane because my hero has always been within me.I want others like me to know that we are  all warriors This has inspired my drive to promote awareness. So I’ll start out small. An Instagram page dedicated to scoliosis awareness. @scoliosis_kenya.

The warriors must be unlished so that we may truly live and not just be alive.




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  1. I have a song called ‘Warrior’ by the way… just for you. If you get to excited imma hide it forever!!
    But yeah…someone strong needs to spread the word and share the strength!!


    1. Im not excited 😊☺😀😁😆😅😃😄😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. cosmickenyan says:

    Very inspiring! 🙂


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