How I met your father.

When people ask how you met the love of your love. That story is often at the tip of your tongue. You can remember every detail of that moment. In some extreme cases one can even remember what temperature it was and the wind speed. The question is soon edited when the couple share each others versions. They soon compile that edited version that they will recite at almost every occasion and get a prolonged ‘aww’ from the audience they tell.

‘When did you know dad was the one?’ That question always stops time. You go back to that moment. You question why your child would ask that. It is the type of questions that could ignite the sparks in your heart. A question that took her on a journey she loved.

She knew that moment all too well but tried to find a story that her teenage daughter would take without so much explaining. Was it that first kiss? Their first kiss was legendary. The type of kiss couples in a movie usually have and live to remember forever.She could recall every moment of it including the fact that he wore a T-shirt of one of her favourite animations. Maybe it was the first accidental I love you he said while rumbling as they casually spoke.

She thought of saying it was the first time he had mentioned a future with her.He was only seventeen ,about to go to driving school and he wanted them to go on a road trip when he got his license.  There was a brief moment when she suspected it was the first time he really hurt her. When he had not liked her back while they were just out of highschool. It could have been the time he didn’t invite her for his twentieth birthday. She realised it at that moment that she had to tell her the truth. What she knew was that it wasn’t when he asked her out five years into their friendship. By that time she was already sure he was her happy ever after.

He was probably ten years old when it happened. He had no idea in seven years time he would meet her and neither did she. She was in her room reading a book. It was not her book but curiosity had let her to it. It was a novel designed for teenagers sixteen years or older. When she got to page fifty everything changed. There was a description that would turn her tables forever

    ‘He was tall. Not to tall but enough to make her tiptoe with the leg pop to reach his neck. He always wore statement pieces of clothing that forever carried his enchanting earthy scent. He was kind. That was evident even from looking at him. He loved to smile and it was the best part of her day. He was smart too.The type of smart that made him nerdy.He had a rich personality one that made her abit obsessed with him. She tried to forget about him but then each time she would his eyes. In those eyes, she saw her life she saw the man she wanted to love ,she saw the human being meant for her…’ That description had defined her first love.

She had loved that man. The one in the description all her life. Then on a Friday afternoon ,seven years later, she was introduced to a guy in cool shirt and amazing sunglasses. He opened his mouth to say hi and her soul secretly jumped. He was the novel character.

She looked at her daughter and smiled. A bit flushed from that memory. And told her she knew he was the one from the moment they met. She explained the whole situation.

‘The thing is, your father doesnt know this but he had me at Hi’




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