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I hear they were warned. Given advice to stay away. Kings and Queens were instilled with fear of it. It was the greatest weapon known. Any ruler could fall subject to it and from then there was no telling what would happen next. This was the tool that could make or break a dynasty.

Anyone in power is cautioned about love. It is the type of weapon that comes knocking on doors posed as fluffy puppy. It soothes your soul. It gives you the things that you thought you had forever lost. It revives a part of you that you thought was dead. Finally when your guard is down it drops the white flag and you no longer have control. It has you. You would do anything for love.

She too was like that. A ruler in her own right. She didn’t own a throne but she had her pride ,her self worth, her dreams. She was the perfect package for a millennial woman: strong, focused, beautiful,wise,spirited…

He took her by surprise. Those playful eyes. How they seemed to store adventures she was too reserved to try. The sound of his voice and how he made even sarcastic comebacks sound sweet. There was also that smile. It was the best she had seen.A sight for sore eyes. That was how she fell .Without realising it; she loved him. 

She loved him,she didn’t know him. She just knew what he let her see. That had been enough for her to give up everything. She lost herself in the forevers she envisioned in her head. That love became a dangerous nucleur weapon. 

Future her would think back to her young heart. So willing to stay strong.Such a fragile heart doing such bold things. The kind of things only dangerous love could lead to. Future her would recall  the wounds on her skin when he wouldn’t text back, the overdose after he was found canoodling with another. 

She would recall how the cracks in her heart finally became broken pieces when he rejected her love with a response of flattery. She would have a story to tell of why she had stabbed herself. Her story would have the same beginning. 

She would touch her chest. The place where the scar was. Her heart would stop for a fleeting second and she would speak.

‘I once loved. I loved him dangerously and we both paid the price…’

She would make sure nobody she loved would ever risk it all for someone who didn’t understand their worth. She had to let them know that love was to be feared. It had the power to cause a silent war. The type that one knows they’ve lost when it’s too late.  She wanted them to know that when love was right it could  destroy obstacles discreetly and make peace without raising much attention.
…he showed me that love is dangerous. Very few things have the power to break or build. Live can do both without you even realising it.’