No assets needed

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Model:@wairimukamatuPhotographer: @Thepotraitsguy.
She loved  how that tux fit really did go well with his body.She thought about his laugh. It was the one thing she would never get tired of. That laugh felt like a spark of light in her world. You know a relationship is on another level when the inside jokes get harder to decipher.He was the first man she had ever  let into her small universe. The first person to make her believe in true love.

 He could pass for atleast a strong seven on a bad day. However ,that wasn’t what drew them together. They started out as a casual rant buddies. The type of person to dial up only  when the issues got strong and the liqour was weak. The drunk dial you don’t remember. They broke the rule because they remembered.  They were dancing in a room full of skeletons way before they knew each others second names.

 She stepped into the aisle keeping her eyes locked on him. The look in his eyes as she got closer to her future flushed out all doubt. She knew everything would work out fine.

‘I’ll always love you’. She believed him. She felt the authenticity of his words and found confirmation to her theory.  He held her hand and walked her down the aisle.He was perfect for that moment. He was her bestfriend and  brother and now he was being a father figure. He presented her to the man she would marry. She didn’t cry in the way she thought she would because he knew exactly what to say ‘…this is me letting someone in on the treasure I found .’

He loved her when all he knew was the ugly stuff. She had to fight for love all through even from her family. People always seemed to want something to be the basis of their love. More often than not she could not provide that asset required and so there was no love lost. But he didn’t.He didn’t want anything from her- he just loved her. Not because she was beautiful or  funny or smart. He didn’t do it because she would love him back.  

That was it…True love is being able to love someone with no reason behind that love… It’s why some say consider true love to be unconditional.




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  1. No assets needed….fine job…every line keeps you going for more


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