We have to start from somewhere.

Corruption has been a major issue in Kenya for quite a while now. It has been the type of wound that hurts so much but after realising it wasn’t healing some people just got numb. They couldn’t feel the pain anymore and they looked away in order to avoid seeing the site.

I was in Kitchen when I heard that the results of KCSE (The national examination taken to mark completion of highschool in Kenya) had been released. While still getting adjusted to the shock that they were released  early,another gasp inducer was unleased. There has been a massive drop in the number  of students with straight A’s. 141 students scored the covetted mean grade as opposed to the 2636 students who attained the grade in 2015.

My joy in this results is the fact that it is the first step against corruption that I have deeply felt.  This has cut across  people of all ages. The older generation has time to meditate on this change, the youth get a chance to evaluate themselves while the children who haven’t sat for this exams get the right motivation.The system seems to be working for the good of our future.

 Cheating in examinations has been a form of corruption that many of us had been desensitised to. We accepted it as a necessary evil and for the longest time children believed it was not about how hard you read but how smart you cheat.

This mentality that seemed so minor slowly found growth and matured into ‘hard core’ corruption. The cheaters mentality  grows stronger and before they realise it they’re playing themselves. Picking wrong courses to take in universities and dropping out midway. Some who manage to go through it end up working in places they shouldn’t be , Leaving so much untapped potential to waste. This cheating causes the dilligent students to loose opportunities and get punished for being honest. In the end the short cut mentality is the foundation of the nation.

This wave of change being spearhead by the cabinet secretary of education in Kenya is more light that we ever thought this tunnel could get. It is  a solution that agrees with the deconstructivism philosophy of education. The philosophy that to change the society one needs to change how the children think.

This  KCSE results are a testament to the truth that we can’t be A students but that doesn’t mean we loose. It just means we have different abilities and different strengths.  This is the type of motivation that will change our country. Kenyans need to know that hard work is truly rewarded and the cocequence of using back doors is the constant fear of getting caught.

This is a personal victory to those who are passionate about the field of education. It is the drive that good educators in the ministry,schools and those studying to joing the field desperately needed. This is the pat on the back that  aspiringeducators have been waiting for to help them reach the finishing line.

It might be to early to call it but if this is the direction our esteemed country is taking… Kenya is bound to have a flourishing future.

Do you think you still would have the grade you got if you were the one who sat for those national examination?  Do you think you’d still have that job if you got re-vetted?  Would you still be living in that house if investigations were done? If for such questions your answer is not a yes it is prime time to evaluate your choices. Make the choice to build your character based on truth only.




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  1. ♥♥♥ Yaaaassss!!This Matiang’i guy is phenomenal


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