Inside the  box

There’s one thing she had in common with majority of the people who attended that reunion. Her classmates and their plus ones has a certain similar strand of belief system.

“My daughter said she wants to be a giraffe when she grows up…’ Lily mentioned lightly.

“Are you serious you’re raising a unicorn brain.What did you tell her?” Somebody else asked.

“That it’s okay… That she can be anything she wants to be if she believes she can do it.” Lily responded with a laugh we all knew too well.Lily had given her daughter that response because she knew in a few years her daughters dream to become a girrafee would be replaced by a new one.

Later that night as she wore her real face after peeling of layers of contoured make up she thought of her dreams as a child. She thought of her mother’s response to them.’You can be anything you want.Dont be scared to dream‘ She thought of her response to her friends dream careers when they were six years old and how that response had changed when they were seventeen. How their childhood dreams had become the punchlines at social gatherings.

Why is it that a five year old girl who wants to be a president is praised for having a big dream but when a nineteen year old girl says it the news is received as a decorated joke? How  comes having a boyfriend who aspires to be an entrepreneur is acceptable yet the aspiring astronaut is considered code for ‘I DONT HAVE A PLAN’?

The reality is that parents are young too at some point and they have big dreams. The time travelling ambitions.  In the unfortunate cases where their dreams are not realised they become broken. They choose to settle- shift their ambitions to something ‘realistic’. When they get kids,instinctively, they try to prevent them from hurting. Crossing fingers that their kids don’t get over ambitious.

This is one of the reasons why teenagers with dreams to be artists,singers,dancers and bloggers are rarely supported. It isn’t that the parents don’t want to support them. They just don’t want them chasing a mirage.

As she looked over her two year old daughter sleeping in her crib dressed in a unicorn overall she smiled.She thought of how she’d almost fallen into that trap of loss of ambition.  How she was so close to giving up . When people had asked her to settle for what she could easily get. She imagined a life where she had settled for was was easily available. She would have never been content. She thought of how she’d been told to dream big but this statement came with a subtext of ‘DREAM INSIDE THE BOX’ she would raise her children different.

She leaned over to her little unicorn to kiss her goodnight and whispered..

“Dreams come true.Don’t be afraid to have big dreams.” 

…And she meant every word.



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