why 13 reasons why ?

Like many people I constantly make the choice not check a series rating before watching it.Like many people sometimes we fail. The biggest issue in liking something with high ratings is the constant fear that maybe  you  don’t legitimately like the series or movie. That your aesthetic preference was biased by public opinion. That was the case until very recently….

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about it and if not then you will soon .The short series that has taken over millions. The one that got a 9.0 rating on IMDB (Pretty Impressive). It took me by surprise too which is what got me to this point of massive reflection when I asked myself Why? WHY 13 REASONS WHY.

Other than that very high rating I love movie adaptation of books…The vampire diaries, Riverdale,lord of the rings,fallen. So if you like books this is an adaptation of one. THIRTEEN  REASONS WHY by Jay Asher.

Well branding is everything. The name itself draws you in. I mean who wouldnt be drawn in by such a name after all it uses on of the numbers that’s the pillar of modern superstition. Personally, the unfinished statement in the tittle did the trick…Like why? Why what? Why 13? And eventually I was like…Why not?

*Disclaimer: there’s a level of spoilers from this point on*

Hey…You can adjust whatever device you are  reading this on…

The themes raised in this series carry heavy weight in the society we live in. The drama that comes along with Highschool the type of drama that can change someone’s life. Then there’s bullying. It’s the main issue addressed in 13 reasons why. The fact is bullying  is almost never physical, that’s just a  small percentage. Most of it is psychological. The cliques and the rude comments. In this specific school we can see it going around and parents and teachers don’t spot it in time.

This leads to issue number two. Depression. The extent and effect of depression are touched. From the girl who was falsely slut shamed,the mom who’s daughter kills herself,the guilt filled kids who’ve gone through stuff they shouldn’t have to go to and even the cool kids who carry weights bigger than the trophies on their shelves.

Lately there’s so many movies trying so hard to pass on the  anti homophobic message. It’s a noble attempt yet sometimes they kinda make it worse by placing certain stereotypes. It’s refreshing to see this stereotypes are missing in this work of art. They bring out same sex couples in a light that feels realistic to me. Plus ofcourse, it considers  the reserved lot of humanity by not being  explicit.

Since I already got into the sex talk. I’ll just mention my other reason why. It’s simple. 13 reasons why is relatively PG.It is the type of show that you can watch with your parents and at the same time watch it with your thirteen year old siblings. For those of us who still close our eyes at kissing scenes you are safe😂.

It’s almost unerving how this show keeps you glued to the screen. It’s like a drug but just the right dose since it ends after only afew episodes. Meaning if you’re scared if TV addiction you can relax. After all we all need closure. We simply have to know all thirteen reasons.

Ive decided to be mysterious and let you figure out the rest of the stuff by watching  it (that’s if you haven’t already).If you’ve watched it I sure hope you learnt a thing or two. That maybe you found comfort through the narration for issues you might be going through or went through.

The end result of watching the show is I’m enlighten. I was actually motivated to make my own list. I choose to call it 13 reasons why not.  I’m going to write my reasons to living. Why I would struggle through all issues in life. Why I will help others want to live and I’ll make a point to be  living my life and not just stay alive.

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  1. phylis mwangi says:

    Wow, beautiful


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