Ticking time bomb

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He held her face,firmly yet so gentle, passionately that she could feel the intensity…That rising peaceful tension that bridged them together. She toyed with the curls on his head as she always did. She knew he loved her touch…His body constantly craved for more.

In that silence with herself so vulnerability to him so exposed, a little tipsy and now in only lingerie she sat on his laps. He didn’t resist her.instead he adjusted himself to make her comfortable.she  loved the freedom in the recklessness she was slowly growing into. Her tongue traced his neck. She knew him well enough to predict what spot the switch would be and she definitely had the skills to turn it on…She wanted this,wanted him . She knew his love for her was real….


He felt every sensation in him hightened. In that moment all there was to the story the two of them. He was eager to respond to her touch. How she played with his hair,how she manouvered his body like an art critic ready to judge the authenticity of a piece. In that moment he cupped her face he would kiss her. He would give her the world without leaving that room…

Queens are girls who got power

************* I’m sorry it’s been this hard. You’re safe here but this isn’t what you need.’

His words sent confusion to them both. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t taken the chance. She couldn’t believe it either. But he was right she didn’t need a quickie to be her emergency response. She needed a solution for the explosive about to detonate inside her. Empty bathrooms were no longer enough. Crying herself to sleep wasn’t working anymore. She was in code black and had no idea what to do. That was how she found herself in this situation. Vulnerable before someone, ready to expose her reality.

‘What do I need? Can you give me that?’

‘You see  love you’re overwhelmed,you need a vent but you’re also a queen. That status doesn’t allow you the luxury of feeling.You’ve had the world on your shoulders but make it look like you’re using the world as a stepping stool. But I see you and I know you.You know what you need and I’m going to give it to you’re

His words were just right. She collapsed on his chest and finally exploded. Sobbing and punching him.she let out all the frustration she had kept in for so long. All her life she knew the only way to survive was to put up a firm front. He was teaching her to let go. In his arms as she cried her demons out as she walked out fear she knew she loved him.

He would let her crash then afterwards help her build an empire. He understood that being an iron lady wasn’t an easy task. She loved him for the fact that she could let go of her fortress when with him.

‘ it’s okay…Sometimes you need to be just a girl and I just a boy and nothing else matters.’

This is for all you strong women who sometimes carry weights too heavy for you. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s okay to be not okay. You do you,keep up with the fight,face the world with your game face on and if it feels too hard it’s okay to let it out. It’s time somebody took care of you.


#diary of 1000 girls


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