Bad Hair Life.

What exactly is meant by a bad hair day? I’ve heard that saying so much but I’m yet to figure exactly what it mean. Does it even have anything to do with hair or is it just one of those expressions like ‘got up on the wrong side of the bed’.

Oh well…I understood that says from a litterally point of view. Growing up I watched alot of foreign movies and in most of them when a bad hair day was mentioned it looked a lot like my hair. in those scenes the hair wasn’t smooth,it was puffy,hard to brush and totally tasking to manage. Basically  typical 4C type characteristic but I didn’t know that until I was around two decades old.

Talk to an African girl about one of the worst experiences growing up and there is a high chance she’ll mention her hair. By the standards pre-set in the world we were having​ a ‘bad hair life’. All this was before the natural hair movement began.The hair types came up and finally we could all learn how to love ourselves. It came in like a wave spreading so fast and sweeping up all that lay in its path.  It was a beautiful wave that slowly brought an end to all the hair hate  that was destroying us.

My hair has been a testament to this hate. I had to hide it under braids,heat straightening,chemical straightening, a million texturizers and even cutting it of.That last one was a major blow to my identity. I love my hair yet due to some apparent standards I had to cut it of…back to the main point…ahh the wave.

Yes now the world is in a pro hair love era. The era when you can love yourself whether your hair grows towards the sun or it’s towards the earth. Times when I see small girls being taught how to grow their afros. No more taming the mane.  A time where we have dolls with all types of hair.

There’s so much we can say about this century both good and bad but I’m pretty sure that a major mark has been set.  This is the century in which humanity has learned to embrace diversity and to love it. We now live in times where proffessional can walk into offices in dreadlocks ,afros,curly hair,kinky hair,bald and with straight hair. A world  that is cleansing itself of the negative energy that was poisoning our minds.

I’m sure some people think it’s just new age nonsense but open your eyes.Such things are what make and break people. Personally I am glad to know that I don’t have bad hair. That I was simply using products for another person’s hair. I am happy with the fact that someone somewhere thought about the diversity in humanity and shared. I love the fact that I can find products that don’t try to change me but instead support me.  I feel obligated to make sure none of my kids or their friends ever asked up thinking ‘damn I’ve got ugly hair’.

It’s high time we embrace who we are. Whether it’s that thick 4C afro that has magical shrinking power,the curly hair, the straight hair, the silky hair,the hair that feels too oily, that very special natural red in your hair and even streaks of white hair. Diversity is what makes the world so beautiful. No more ‘BAD HAIR LIVES’.

# girl55


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