What keeps you up late at night? Actually what gets you out of bed before the alarm event rings? 

She wondered if she was wrong to ask him that. He was in the middle of arguably one very romantic proposal yet that was where her mind was.Wandering off to the fact that he told her she was his world and that she was all that mattered (At 21 really!!!). This was outrageous. She was practically an error in creation. Lord have mercy on your poor soul was how she ended it with him after giving him a pep talk about wanting more out of life.

She thought about her life. Soon people would ask questions,the pressure would rise but to her this Tsunami dillema people assumed she was in was more like a passing  draft in a pool. So mild it didn’t move her at all. She knew what she wanted from life. She had known ever since she was a teenager. 

There is peace involved with certainty. She was certain that her plan was worth every sacrifice and this peace gave her the confidence and patience she needed. It was how a decade down the line she found herself feeling what people feel during a proposal. Finally she was getting those butterflies and jelly knees. Her heart beat like a blood drum and she knew in that moment that saying yes in this situation was worth all the other no’s before it.

She was what people call over-ambitous and a hard target. She had her life plan mapped out and lived every moment to achieve that goal. She also knew that she would need someone in her life who had such strong vision. That was how she had found him. Years into a prosperous career and a huge following of prying eyes she met a person who understood what passion was.  A person who understood she would never be sorry for not having him as her first priority one who wouldn’t have her as his first either until a chain of fulfilled goals had been achieved.

…sounds familiar? Maybe  or maybe not. The reality is we can’t all be the same and some of us are just wired differently. It’s one of the reasons we have different philosophies of life. The whole point is I’m sure each one of us was placed on this earth with a purpose whether divine or scientific. If your life ends before you fulfill your purpose then the world suffers a loss.

Its high time we stopped thinking about what others will think or what obstacles will stop us. Instead, get your priorities straight and strive to achieve them. Embrace your passions and fight for them. Put yourself first and be your number one priority then align yourself with people who understand this too. Get yourself that life partner who gets that at twenty he/she can’t be your top priority. A person who gets that you have a vision and purpose and a some entity with needs. Align yourself with people who are so driven in life. There’s nothing like being over-ambitous that’s just a word invented to slow you down. Don’t be afraid to shed of baggage and tell them it’s not me it’s you. 

…tell me your first thought in the morning,the last one before you sleep; introduce me to your ambition your sacred dreams. I want to know what drives and how bad you want to get there…

 Get to a point where you have your identity so strong you can’t get lost in another person’s life.




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