Bond or bound?

As a child she saw the world in black and white both litterally and in a perception kind of way. She anticipated growing up cause all her question marks would get filled out. Unfortunately the older she grew the more things got lost somewhere in the grey area.
She found herself lost and not in a good way. The source of her happiness was turning out to be a burden. He was as perfect as perfection could get. The soul piercing eyes that saw past the rubble in her life, the hair on his head which he let her play with. He was smart and ambitious in that sexy way that could even give men a man crush. He fueled her wanderlust with his adventurous mind.

There was something electric about his hands on her skin. Every time he touched her she felt like the canvas of a midieval artist ;adored,loved…maybe even worshipped. He loved her passionately….such a situation shouldn’t be corrupted by problems yet it was because they had one difference which seemed to be the deal breaker.

Two souls bond by love but bound by religion. That was their story and most stories that begun like that often had the same tragic end. She loved him regardless of what he was raised believing in and they’d found a way to put their differences aside and embrace each other. The issue was that what they shared seemed forbidden by their families . Like so many such stories the only way they’d survive is if they lost everything else.  That was her burden now because her mother didn’t care if he treated her well ,she was more concerned with the day he deemed sacred. His father didn’t care if she was an outstanding woman he just wanted to know which doctrines the grandchildren would follow. Something that was supposed to be beautiful brought out the ugly.

This is the narrative of so many people who find love outside their religion. Its the type of thinking that has resulted in people asking about religion on first dates or deciding not to go on the second date cause someone’s name suggested a religion that isn’t theirs. Is it really worth it? Are we really meant to choose between love and religion? Does it have to be a matter of one person compromising their beliefs for the other?

Very few people get to choose their religion. We are simply born into it and our parents raise us feeding us information,in other cases it’s simply a name that automatically determines who I can and cannot start a life with. Was humanity born to be separated by religion? That through it we get more divided and habour hatred for each other? Are we bound to religion such that we can’t see past it?  Honestly the answers to this questions all lie in the grey area. 

She knew there was something off about letting her happily ever after over religious grounds. They shared ideologies like truth,integrity,love,loyalty and morality this were enough to judge a person’s character. She would have to take that lonely path of two and hopefully teach her kids differently than she was taught. She’d let them live by the philosophy of love.

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