I’m living with a child. I want to choke him with a pair of those dirty socks he left next to the laundry bin.AGAIN!’ one lady said as she made a gesture to show how angry she was.

They laughed at it for a while and a few more shared their frustrations. It’s what they did when one of them was having a hard time. They met up wine and dine mainly focussing on the wine part. Solutions would come following alot of venting and rants.

‘can you believe he calls me dramatic. I’m not dramatic I mean I’m just very expressive that’s all’

 the drama queen in the group said. Although they all knew she was dramatic they agreed with her. The time to tell her the truth would come later. This time was for venting.

He’s still in denial that he snores. Then there’s the annoying way he  gets when he wins anything. Have I mentioned he can argue about everything... honestly he is the best deal I could ever get.’

Those words left her lips before they’d crossed her mind. She was actually shocked at how easily they had slid off​ her tongue. Was there any regret? As soon as those words had formed she knew they were a reflection of the truth. After alot of ‘tea spilling’ with her girlfriends she found herself on a trip down memory lane.

He was the most annoying person she could think of. He had a wild and untamed ego and was probably the cheesiest man on the planet. There was also  the foolish things he did ,one of which had resulted in her being a mom to triplets. He knew how to tick her of.

Life has a way of playing tricks on people. He could be nightmare but he was also her sweetest dream. The biggest mistake he’d ever made  nine months later (when she miraculously delivered three beautiful babies) turned out be the best gift to her. She had fallen in love with him because of how  strongly he could stand for what he believed in. She loved how passionate he could get in an argument even when he was wrong. How he would have twice that passion when loving her behind closed doors.He has a keen eye and could point out even the slightest mistakes and she loved him more because he didn’t point out her  obvious flaws. 

There’s no way she could get over the fact that he felt like her fourth child. Lord knows she wanted to gag his mouth with his dirty socks each time she picked them up ( and no! She didn’t mean in that 50 shades of grey  kind of way) .  With all those flaws he was the best father and husband.

 He loved his family and devoted his life to them. The truth is some of  flaws (spending issues, the daredevil nature, how freaky he could get) they were the source of her joy,love, happiness,adventure and they fueled her soul. That’s why she meant it when she said he was the best deal she could get. It was also why she had gotten to a point where she didn’t judge other people’s partners.

Love has a way of changing one’s mind and heart. It has the power to change one’s view of life. It can make something 2D get afew more dimensions. There’s a theory that the people you love most are the ones you complain about the most. That the people who complain most about you love you the most. They find themselves missing those flaws when you’re gone. 

Moms,dads, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends,pets. You often find yourself complaining about them: she’s too loud,he doesn’t get jokes,they  joke too much, he’s such a nerd, she’s too reserved,it won’t stop playing. When you sit down and think back, or you are away from all this things it’s when you realise that you miss them too. That when it’s true love it’s the good,bad and the ugly.

She had a list of a million things she didn’t like,others that she feared about him and the unfortunate facts that made her sad. Yet ,she loved him. He was her forever. The man who could make her face burn up like an infatuated twelve year old.

The only way to have a forever with someone is bylearning to treasure the little moments. Knowing there will be days all you’ll want is to dance to partition and nights you’ll watch them fall asleep on you. It is understanding that on some days you  will want to throw something heavy at them and accepting that there will be times you will need some ‘time out’ to figure things out.It’s a good thing forever is a long time…



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  1. sorrynotsorrysircarie says:

    Now this is a golden perspective! More please!. ❤

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    1. Thank you. More will come


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