Cycle of responsibilities.

It’s five o’clock in the morning. That annoying alarm rings and pulls you out from your dream. Wait you weren’t dreaming you’d just shut your eyes afew hours ago. You were too tired to dream.

Oh well you have  your morning routine. Basically how you wake up,get ready and leave the house with a coffee mug  and apple before 6am so you can beat traffic and get behind that desk by eight. Hold up you’re still trying to impress your boss so you get to work by 7:30 am. (That ought to get you a promotion in a couple of years). You’ll also leave at six instead of five for this same reason. Get  stuck in that heavy traffic.

Finally you get to the house at 9pm. Just in time to sit with the family and watch prime time news. It’s ten pm  time to do the dishes. Ohh I forgot to mention- you haven’t moved out yet. You’re still living with your parents and house chores must be done. There’s house rules so you can’t drink one for the road or go out to blow of steam.

Around eleven you take a shower, chat up that human you’ve been trying to impress, scroll through the gram. Wait you forgot to have dinner and you just remembered you have a school project. So you do both simultaneously and just when you start feeling sleepy you have to do abit of work. Finally it’s 2am you black out halfway through that ‘I love you’ text that will not be received. You’ve got three hours to sleep cause that alarm will be ringing yet again in three hours.

You do this give or take days a week. On the six day you clean the house. As I said you haven’t moved out. You meet up with your gang and talk about how you’re going to be someone great.

‘this is just for now. In a few years I’ll be doing something I love. We are gonna make it and hit up vacations like bosses,’ 

That’s the lie you feed yourselves though a huge part of you is scared the only place you’ll live the dream is when you’re asleep.

This is the life many young people are living now. Ofcourse you’ll try defend your lifestyle by trying to find how different your life is. The truth is that a majority of us are living like this. Living a lie with a false purpose. Making money to pay the bills can’t be your purpose.

There’s those struggling to do courses that their parents put them on. You wanna make them proud and that has become the veil to your true purpose. So you waste your time in your cowardice and eventually loose that passion and wind up being alive and not truly living.

We have those of us stuck doing jobs cause we have bills to pay. A lifestyle to maintain. An emptiness we are trying to fill out.  The truth is if an office job and a degree were all it took to be successful and happy then the entertainment and art industry would be a myth. We wouldn’t have children making a living from innate talent. 

I don’t want us all to be entertainers. But we should all be dream chasers. Let your purpose be your primary priority and all those bills will pay themselves. Don’t drop out of school cause apparently school isn’t as important anymore. If you know what you’re doing in that campus and have a passion for it you’ll find the importance of a good education or the drive to go through that boring lecture.

We are a generation that grew up swearing not to be like our parents. Making claims to change the world. We vowed to chase our dreams when we were twelve. Then we hit our late teens and suddenly we are chasing to give our children a better future. We are doing exactly what we swore we wouldn’t.

Honestly most millennials have parents who already made that sacrifice. We are the children who’s futures were being given a pathway for.  We are the generation that has opportunities to shape the course of the future.

You don’t need to conform to the world as you wait for the time to be right. The only way to get that independence we want,those lives we live with our eyes closed is by following our hearts. 

We all have a purpose as to why we exist. These different purposes should guide us into different paths and some put us in the same paths.  If you can’t chase after your true purpose then you are a coward and a fool too. 

I know for sure I shall chase after my purpose. Im sure at some point I might trip,fall or even get lost but no way am I going to conform to this cycle of responsibilities lifestyle. I shall make the sacrifice of those who came before me have value. I’ll also make a point surround myself with such people. I’m not going to change just to get a job. My personality is who I am and I’m not going to mask it to impress a panel. 

So before you sign up for that course,apply to that school, take up that gig, go to that interview,write that essay ask yourself.  It’s Do I want to live? Or am I okay with just not dying? Am I okay with  having a substandard life to fullfil recruitments set by other people?



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  1. ‘Making money to pay the bills cant be your purpose’ stop calling me out lolol

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  2. phylis mwangi says:

    Inspiring..i love

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