Don’t say that B word

Every once in a while I’m graced with a life event worth sharing. Here is one. 

I’m seated in the most comfortable way I can.  I’ve been okay or atleast I thought I was okay.  I was actually just looking at the stars and trying to give definitive meanings to random things. I’m in a bus and this is the longest roadtrip ever. 

Let me put things into perspective here. About eight months ago I got accepted into an amazing university. It was a highlight of my life. To be more specific it was number two on the list of my favourite days ever.  The school happens to be in a different country from where I’ve  grown up, to the country I was born one, probably hectic, new year’s Eve ( I’m speaking from a woman in labour point of view)… That is how I found myself in an overnight trip to a whole different country.  From the moment I got on at 5pm up until 9:30pm I was okay then  after one last call everything changed.  Here I am about to tell you the top five reasons I’m going to miss being in Kenya. I’ve got an endless list but this will do for now…Yaaas I’m Kenyan as Kenyan as it gets.

I can’t get over the fact that patriotism runs through our veins. Our telephone code is upheld like a brand  that must be felt by the universe. Our flag and the national goals of peace love and unity are things you can trace in every single field of our lives.  We might have gone through a few low moments but there’s something magical about how we love each other.

Kenyans know how to have fun. What is low-key? We go all out whether it’s with turning up or it’s with memes. You can always count on a good laugh and a good time here.  Most recent is the Githeri-man affair. During such a tense period due to general elections shows up this Githeri-man and all his memes and his story and the tense atmosphere gets a break as we all unite to share the joy ,suprise and laughter. Plus we don’t ever just stop with only local memes we go all out with creative minds ohhh people in Hollywood should see what we do. And do I have to mention the way we filled up a stadium during the World Under 18 athletics…

Ohh my boy from coffee town. That’s my secret favourite human. The person who holds the spot of the highlight of my life.  I’ll probably have to write a whole separate post to explain him to you. The boy from ‘coffee town’ unknowingly changed my life forever. Leaving him has to be the greatest tragedy of my life. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t my boyfriend or anything like that. Currently he’s a friend.One who did to me what Dorian Gray did to Sybil – the picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde…  He deserves a greater honour than a mere feature and that’s why I shall say no more of him on this post.

Kenya is where I learnt to love. It is in this country that I have grown in love. Learning all that I know and slowly being moulded into the young woman I am. One who can love, love wisely, fight, heal and give love to others.  This is where my family,girlfriends,my boys,flings, crushes , situationships and all forms of relations I’ve ever had land.  It is in this beautiful country that I learnt to see beauty for what it is. My heart is what it is because of the people I’ve been surrounded by,those acquaintance and even the people I watched every now and then.

I am a fighter.  I have a feeling I was born this way based on all the stories I hear about my childhood.  Regardless of all that this nature was strengthened by being Kenyan. Because Kenyans make it no matter what cost. We are go getters. This is the country where a man trained himself into being an Olympian (Julius Yego). We fight for what we want. It is probably how I landed myself in the situation​ I’m in now. No dream is too being for true Kenyan soul. It is in the +254 that I found all the right support to get through having scoliosis at 13 and a major spinal surgery at 16. In this country that children from the most humble of backgrounds find their way into the best education institutions. Because in this country we fight and we support each other. We respect the struggle and the journey that we face

Leaving my home, my friends (however small my circle may be) , my family, my country is going to be one major adjustment.  I’m going to have to learn to live,love,laugh and learn from somewhere else.  I have to simply trust that even as life moves on I am not left behind in the changes. 

To all my epic Kenyan readers. Tuko pamoja kama jubilee (no offense intended to anyone)… I shall be always here constantly appreciating your feedback,views and support…. Hold up have I mentioned how much I shall miss  Kiswahili. Even the annoying. Xaxa and Thenx  language….cheeesos I cannot even.

Tutaonana baadaye… I’m not saying that B word. This isn’t the end we are just flipping a new chapter. I shall keep you informed, entertained and educated all through as it is my vow and purpose.


Jerry L.M .Kariuki,

Author: Diaryof1000girls.



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  1. phylis mwangi says: shall be missed here too


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