Invisible wall.

There she was young and vibrant with the excitement that comes with the need to learn. She’s exploring the world and loving every moment of it. She was in a new world and she had convinced herself she was ready for it.

She waltzed into the school complex early and from the moment she walked through that entry door a new reality hit her. her confidence in her resolve was slowly growing out. Life was being more obvious. She was in a fish out of water situation. Foreign land means unfamiliarity, loneliness, instability and a whole lot of anxiety all things she hadn’t learnt to deal with appropriately. We have to appreciate our weaknesses. Only those that do this can find a way to manipulate their weakness so that they don’t affect them so much…anyway back to her day.

She zombied out through the day until it was finally over. All she wanted was a trace of familiarity something to keep her rooted to home other than the wristband she wore on her hand as a public declaration of her patriotism. Food is good for the soul and that was her solution a nice restaurant that would serve quisines from home. That would definitely fix up her soul.

There she was getting on a motorbike. It was the most common mode of transportation there. She asked the rider if he knew where she wanted to go and he nodded in agreement. Afterwards they agreed on payment and there she was. An hour later and she was still switching lanes going to a place she only knew by name.

Lo! and behold! The rider stops and a random drop of point and looks at her and starts speaking with a smile on his face. His words are foreign to her. She has no idea what he is saying. She responds to him and realises that he also has no idea what she’s saying. It’s time for a solution… Another rider is called in now this one knows the language bit has no idea where the destination is. Helper number three happened to be a traffic police officer. He spoke in her tongue with a strain but also didn’t know the directions. Person number four is called and finally the solution is found.

She got to her destination eventually although she was about half an hour late. The home food and the second part of her mixed feelings resurfaced. The conviction in her heart was strong.

She was in a new world… This meant new opportunities,a clean slate,it meant adventure and not anxiety, new social experiments not loneliness. In getting lost she had found herself. She had be graced with an opportunity to cause change and not be an effect of change. This was the secret to survival. So she finished her meal, walked out of the restaurant,and hailed for another rider. Once beaten twice shy wasn’t a theory she would accept.….part of that story is me. I got lost in Kigali, Rwanda while on a public motorbike (Moto). It took a village to get me help specifically two police officers, two riders and one kind sivilian .

There’s a very high chance the excitement of being in a new country may cloud you from any home sick feelings. First days could be epic or hectic. It’s all a random pick from a deck of cards.

The only way to survive is by knowing who you are. You need to challenge yourself to do more and be more. Being afraid is your greatest enemy. So explore…get lost and find your way. Take a detour instead of using your normal route,learn a new language. Create for yourself a Eutopia of good vibes, positivity and confidence. In a short while the wall shall collapse and you shall no longer be that fishy fish out of water.

Ofcourse give me ideas of how to adjust too. There’s always room for more learning and new adventures.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the photos.



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  1. Ntinyari says:

    Baby you’ll be fine 😙


    1. I’m very happy actually.


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