What is this world we live in? A world where people get convictions that their beliefs are enough to make them superior to others. A world where we are driven by such faithless faith. Using religion as a weapon; Amour to fight those who are different from us and a shield to keep us safe from the realities of life. Living lies where the world feels smaller through closed eyes. When did we decide to get so deceived that religion has become a means of segregation? Why would anyone think they are superior because of beliefs they picked up from someone else. Judging people for the same reasons we are supposed to love them for. Where did the philosophy of love get lost in translation? How did it get to a point where people go to church to find God but leave with the vices of greed, self-righteousness and the ability to judge others. How did we get to a point where we can confidently claim other peoples’ religious needs are not a priority?

I’ve been asked what religion I subscribe to and it pains me that I had to take a minute. A minute to think about whether or not I want to be identified by my beliefs. Whether I was genuinely being asked about what I believe in or if it was a question used to trap me into a series of judgment.I’m curious whether the idea of faith will be misinterpreted to attack me.Faith that was meant to unite people but has been one of the greatest forms of hate.Do people even truly believe in the beliefs have weaponized? I would much rather have a sinner who embraces his vice than that saint who doesn’t know why they pray. That is what is destroying us slowly. I don’t mean we should shun all religion. Humanity needs to believe in something bigger than us; a higher purpose. It is a void in our psychology that we are desperate to fill. All I plead from us is that we take time to have personal convictions of the faith we practice. Belief in something from a personal point of view and not because it is an identity that you were born into.

We should take time to think for a moment that everyone has a right to their own beliefs and self-righteousness is an ugly vice. Stop and think before you judge other people for who they are and what they do. Would you still have your faith if those that gave it to you had not enforced it into your mind? Religion was never meant to harbour hate. It wasn’t meant to disconnect us from our environment and bring discomfort. Religion should be the source of a sense of belonging. It should connect us to the world and the people we live with. I find such beauty in all the different beliefs we have. That we can be living in the same world but find such different meanings in what the world offers. It is a beauty that we are exposed to; the beauty of humanity and the universe. Embracing diversity makes life worthwhile. I realize that maybe we are all right the theist of us and those who are atheists. It is possible that we all just have a different interpretation of what the world is and our purpose in it. If this makes me an outcast then I am happy to be one. I happy to stand out from the crowds that point fingers and accuse others of believing wrong. I shall gladly live my life believing that love is the one true philosophy. The philosophy that embraces us all, that accepts us all and provides for all.

So when you ask me what I stand for, what I believe in: I shall reply with one world. LOVE. This is the religion that I subscribe to. This is what I will fight for. This is what I devote my life to and what I would pledge my life to. Love that is pure and has not been tainted by judgement and wrongdoings the philosophy that has been proven right over and over through the tests of time.

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  1. sorrynotsorrysircarie says:

    🍷 let us not be defined by our religions or skin color, let as be defined as human.

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