What is that look…that face you wear in the moment

foreign to your mind; subconsciously familiar

strengh, passion, and something higher…

Your eyes tell  a tale

They plead for mercy while begging for more

The intensity you feel;that  fuel to your fascination

… fire and fear

This is the beginning

or it could end it all.


That moment didn’t feel like forever. It was an  actual forever. A moment when the structure of the universe had been altered temporarily and time was not a feasible concept. Was it even a moment? Everything was moving simultaneously swiftly and slow. The air felt dense with a cocktail of auras  diffusing into the room.The candles seemed to have a scent above their soft glow; an unexpected blend of vanilla and a musky wood scent.His skin could feel everything that the slightest shift in air movement made him shudder. In all his years he had never felt anything so strongly.It wasn’t just physical everything about him was in that moment  and a pinch of fear rippled through his spine…

” when we get out of class please take me where your mind is. I’m curious” She texted him and looked at him to see his reaction. The vibration  from his phone brought him back to reality in a small spasm. He looked his phone then back at her and mouthed the words okay.

She had plans of her own that night; plans that had been inspired by the centuries of love he had given her in the breath they had been together.  As he walked through the door of their apartment she felt a rush within her. He had been a constant in her life for half a decade yet what she was feeling wasn’t familiar. His pants fit so right on him they actaully gave him more height than the 5’10 he already had.He still moved in that arrogantly perfect way he had when he first approached her six years ago. He had the type  of walk that would close a  case  before he could get to his seat. It was probably the reason she never said no when he asked her out.

He held out his hand to her and she instictively moved to him. Those hands that  had loved her religiously. They had preached visions and vowed allegience to her with passion and respect.  As his fingers stumbled on her palm the hair on her skin illustrated an untold memoir. Her skin couldn’t unlearn the lessons his fingeres had tattooed into her. He would would always be under her skin burning her with all the love and hope and she would siphon it to stay alive. As she leaned in closer to his chest she felt her mind calm  as that was the place she would lay her head and actually get rest. she looked up at him and met his eyes.Those flawed brown eyes with their intensity ,power and…



Control is not mine

it isn’t with you…

pulling, tagging, clawing

I feel it too; my eyes speak it

they know the tongue of your iris.

All her plans to keep it cool were gone. Those eyes had been everything to her .They were home. They were the miracle  that she had drained years of pain and cleared out the rubble that had extiguished her spirit.In his eyes , she had peaked into another world ;a world where every sensensation even pain was worth it. His eyes revealed that he  spoke the language of her mind and her soul. They let her in on the secrets to a life she thought was not for her.Those eyes had convinced her to let him love her and she had willingly loved him back. They were not a window to his soul as most people say eyes are. In her  reseach she had thought that maybe they were a window into her own soul but she was also wrong.The connection they had was not a window it was a door. It was a door that would grant them acess to a  world humans subsconsciously yearn to belong.

Us is not we

it is that which trancedes we

Us is eternity;

The venom  that stings our blood

The strings tangled around our souls

That face you wear ; I wear it too

It is the love that binds my skin.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. sharonamondi says:

    Awesome. I enjoyed reading this 😍


    1. thank you so much….


  2. Mumbi Njoki says:

    I am beyond impressed. Your writing is epic babe. Growth and progress on another level.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much… Ps.
      thank you so much for being part of the creative process for this piece.


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