The Curve month


I made a vow to myself that every year in June I have to write at least one personal story. Why June? June is the National Scoliosis awareness month in the USA  but I  have been observing it regardless and I think it is something that can be global. This cause is personal to me because I am a member of the community as I have scoliosis. I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis in January 2010 when I was 13 and I can assure you every moment in my life since then has changed. My journey has been an interesting adventure that has shaped elements about my personality, character, world perspectives, and beliefs.


This year I hope to do more than share one personal story. I want to scale up and run a month-long awareness campaign (maybe longer). Instead of one post, I shall do a mini- series.I’ll post content every week on different platforms. The content shall be classified into two categories: My scoliosis journey and scoliosis community hacks. All the spaces will be platforms that encourage interaction like Q& A stuff and other ways in which we can be engaged. These are the awesome spaces where the magic will be happening:

  • Diaryof1000girls blog. This is where the personal stories will go. I’ll take you through my scoliosis journey with a focus on the milestones.
  • 2 to 3 Decades publication on medium. This will be on life hacks, how to live with people with scoliosis and more. A lot of this will be stuff I have pulled from the scoliosis community, my opinions and other random scoliosis related stuff.

PS: I am working on a name for the campaign and a hashtag that can stick. I am open to ideas. As soon as that is figured out I will share it with everyone.


 I hope in sharing facts, experiences and lessons from my experience I could inform someone of something new, motivate people to do more, and most importantly provide support. I also believe that some of my experiences may have some similarities with people going through other medical challenges and I am humbled to have an opportunity to share in our experiences, to learn and to grow together.

What now: Look out for notifications of when I post stuff, share the content widely with your circles on all and any platforms, and get interactive. Definitely ask questions and  I will answer them or find the answers.



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