The point is

“Are you ready,” a voice echoed through the house and caught up with her as she walked up the staircase.

Right in the middle of the staircase, she stopped, turned around, and walked back down. She had asked herself that exact question a few days before. She couldn’t give a response over a quick yell -not to this inquiry. As she walked down, she went through the thought process again picturing her life with a whole different set of variables. Things would have probably been seamless if she had fallen for the boy next door. The lovely innocent boy that once kissed her cheek and proceeded to apologize for it. He grew up to be such a proper man, had it worked out between them, they would have been married already and living a simple uncontroversial life. Maybe she would have been ready to introduce the trap goon she constantly got wasted with in college. Honestly, that would have been the classic story of two tragic people fixing each other and falling in love. It would have been a dramatic tale but would eventually be received with quotes on how youth can be a challenge but people come out eventually. However, none of these was her life she had chosen a path that was apparently more complicated.

She followed the voice into the living room and as soon as she walked in she was met with the most radiant presence she had seen. She felt her pulse rise and her heavy breathes filled the room. She looked into the eyes that had seen her when she felt unseen by the world. The lips that left marks on every inch of her being without uttering a word. In that human, she had found a home for her mind and soul. That was the person she wanted to talk to when she was excited about rewatching a TV show for the sixth time. It was the source of her strength when she needed a push to achieve goals. It was the safe in which she disclosed her greatest fears and exposed her nakedness. She had found a love that was so consuming her feelings seemed tangible. It was like she could touch her excitement and it would ooze in shimmery splendor from her palms. Being together made time stop and speed up at the same time. It was an experience that she doted on because it defined her, her world-her reality. Unfortunately, the world constantly reminded her of the toxic truth that was the reality.

She felt a touch at the small of her back and it brought her back from her thoughts. The “maybe” options didn’t exist but sitting right before she was someone that did. Someone that had made that perfect love story in cheesy movies her life. The first time she realized she was in love it was wrapped up in the shame of having feelings that she had been taught were vulgar. This was soon followed up with confusion when she couldn’t understand what exactly was happening to her. All the rules that ones made sense seemed to lose meaning. The all lost their foundations as what they had revealed secrets to her. The hand on her back slowly moved up her back and crossed the bridge between the hem of the mustard colored dress, with a low cut back cleavage, she had on and her skin. Her nerves did not protest this subtle invasion. That touch always brought clarity into her life as it signified reality. The reasoning was that if the touch was real it meant everything going on in her life was real too including her emotions. The best thing about what is real is that it allows you to see the truth. It revealed to her the truth that she was flawed, however, falling for someone of the same sex was not one of those flaws.

“Yeah, we can go. I am not worried because the point of tonight is not to announce my engagement to a man or a woman: It is to tell the people I care about that I have found the love of my life and I am happy” She said and kissed her hand which was still playing on her collarbone.

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Love is Love: it knows no labels: it is my religion

Sexuality and sexual orientations are a major cause of discrimination hate and social injustice in our communities. Deriving it from an African context it can go beyond social injustice. We do not choose where we come from, the religion we are born into and we definitely do not choose who or how we love. Some of these things come naturally allowing us little room to control them. Instead of focussing our differences we should focus on the gifts we have such as intelligence, creativity, identity, pleasure, and the ability to love. We are gifted with different perceptions which let us view the world from so many angles. These perceptions along with our natural senses shape our experiences. We owe it to ourselves to create room for people to know themselves and to understand others.

Heterosexuality and monogamy might be the seemingly popular opinions but this does not make them the only acceptable opinions. The freedom to truly discover and express oneself is a gift we should let everyone have even when it feels different. All it takes is an open mind and the will to appreciate diversity.




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