NOT Consent!

Here is a list of excuses that do not mean consent. 

Bipolar and The Matrix trilogy

Her body was aching from the fatigue of being gushed out of its hideout slumber. It was taking all the will in the world to get up and even then she didn’t feel fully awake. She felt stuck, lost and forgotten. Using the eggshell coloured walls as an anchor, she worked her way down the…

So what if she knows .

There is a systemic creation of norms where women’s sense of worth and beauty is dependent on other people.

Let’s talk about sex…Again!

She slowly crouched while pressing her back against the wall. Her legs were no longer able to support her weight, but instead, they trembled. She rubbed her hands down her hips, trying to wipe off the dripping sweat and simultaneously offering more balance as she felt lightheaded. Her tears felt acidic as they burned through…

To whom it may concern:

This truth allowed me to thrive and be the best version of myself without any limits whatsoever.