The Slave Queen

she carefully placed the crown on her head, it was who she really was, her strength and the battles she would win

The point is

It was an experience that she doted on because it defined her, her world-her reality. Unfortunately, the world constantly reminded her of the toxic truth that was the actual reality.

No more loners

Testosterone does not make great leaders: character does.

Are you okay with this?

She had  heard it all .Different versions of what should and what shouldn’t be done. The people who unknowingly condemned her and those who shamed her. She had done it all cried herself to sleep, stayed awake for weeks, eaten her feelings, starved herself. She had punished herself way more than anyone could. She just…

Let’s talk dirty

I’m pretty sure the tittle got some of you secretly praying for me. Specifically if it happens to be an African mom (like mine) intersession has began to chase demons away. So let me clear things up…. I recently realised a huge percentage of girls and women I talk to are really shy when it…

Bright light

They say you can feel it, that your senses get heightened at that moment; every sound is pounder,colours are more contrasted and there’s even more lustre in stones. For those who are into fan fiction you get it more.It’s basically alot like the transition process into being a vampire. She was at that point. If…

Reserved tears

She had assumed she was okay, that she had everything under control. All this had worked out perfectly until she found herself seated on a wet bathroom floor. Wet from both the water she’d been running on the shower and the  years of tears she had been holding back. She didn’t want to close her…