Shutter Project

The storyteller in me would not let me stay silent. I am innately prompted to tell stories and to make a difference in whatever space I am in.


I feel that this time you are gone for good and I cant live without you…I’m sorry if I did anything to push you away. tell me what would make you come back and I’ll do it…lines are blurred now I’ll cross them all for you.

Don’t say that B word

Every once in a while I’m graced with a life event worth sharing. Here is one.  I’m seated in the most comfortable way I can.  I’ve been okay or atleast I thought I was okay.  I was actually just looking at the stars and trying to give definitive meanings to random things. I’m in a…

The other World.

She was still seated in her little corner when the fire alarm rang. I was curious as to what could have been wrong with her. She must have had earphones on and the music was too loud.I mean why else would she be seated while everyone else was trying to save their lives. As I…